Saturday, June 10, 2006

For the Benefit of Rattlehead

With regard to the new X-Men picture: The bit that you missed by hurrying out of the cinema as soon as the credits rolled is:

Captain Picard ain't dead!!!!

Urrr, I mean Professor Charles Xavier. He somehow transferred his consciousness to that mutant body with no mind in the Scottish scientist woman's hospital that was casually thrown out as a bit of blatant exposition earlier in the film. You just knew it wasn't there for nothing!

Above we have a picture of the sexy Latina baddy lady what fights with Storm that I referred to in my TMP post. Can't have a new entry without a pic, and much as I like Patrick Stewart, she beats him into a cocked hat in the eye-candy stakes any day of the week.

Also, it was nice to see a hairy blue Frasier in a superhero action picture. I just wish they'd had a hairy blue Niles to keep him company. That would have been just Jim-Dandy, like when they had David Hyde Pierce play Sideshow Bob's brother in The Simpsons.

Capital knockers, ma'am!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I must own that I'm rather taken with this new computer game, and it has robbed me of much precious painting-time. I'm not usually into that kind of thing (Computerized Fantasy Role-playing? Surely the lowest rung of nerdy-ness), but then again you can't get much more nerdy than Miniature Wargaming, now, can you?

Anyways, it's just so pretty to look at. That is deeply shallow of me, but I'm just glad that my aging graphics card (though it damn-well cost enough when I bought it) can still cope with something so picturesque. So here's a few screenshots:

My character goes for her daily morning swim.

Oh no! She's been spotted by those filthy swine, the Paparazzi (she's the Arch-Mage, you know: They follow her everywhere).

A girl and her Unicorn. Ahh, how sweet. He's kind of tame, but does tend to wander off if you don't keep him penned in.

A little midnight skinny-dipping with the Unicorn. Scandalous! What if the Mage's Guild find out?

Sickly is rather fond of this game, too, and spends all his spare hours at Guido's house playing on it. I don't think he calls round for any other reason. He has an orc, a most uncouth fellow. Likes bashing things and hitting people. He's in the Fighter's Guild, I understand. He even has a theme song:

Dan-de-duh-duh, Fighter's Guild!

Duh-duh-deh-di-deh, Fi-i-ighter's Guild!

(You sing it to the theme from The A-Team)

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire The Fighter's Guild.

Heavens! What is the youth of today coming to, eh?