Thursday, June 16, 2011

This Open Sore of the World

"All I can add in my solitude is may Heaven’s rich blessings come down to everyone, American, English, or Turk, who will help heal this open sore of the world.” David Livingstone.

Wangwana and Jemadar of a Zanzibari caravan.

This fellow is based on Joseph Thomson's description of a Zanzibari headman in his expedition, who wore Arab garb and carried a large 'zulu-like' shield.

Friday, June 03, 2011

More Angoni Warriors

My Nyasaland Angoni army is getting larger (very slowly).

Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Last Cartridge

'Surrounded by greatly superior numbers, their last cartridges gone, they tried to cut their way out, but they were overwhelmed and lost.'

Colonel Plunkett's column comes to grief. Illustrated London News, 23rd May 1903.

The previous scene was inspired by this illustration from The Sphere. Some more pics:

Fearsome Somali Dervishes.

A grisly end.

Plucky British chap meets his fate with grim determination.

The last three sell their lives dearly. Men of the Second Battalion (Central African), King's African Rifles. A long way from their homes on the shores of Lake Nyasa.

"Goodbye, old chum."
Here at the end, there is no longer any need for forbidden love to hide itself away in the shadows.

(Sorry about that, when posing the figures they just ended up like that and I couldn't resist it. He he!)