Thursday, June 16, 2011

This Open Sore of the World

"All I can add in my solitude is may Heaven’s rich blessings come down to everyone, American, English, or Turk, who will help heal this open sore of the world.” David Livingstone.

Wangwana and Jemadar of a Zanzibari caravan.

This fellow is based on Joseph Thomson's description of a Zanzibari headman in his expedition, who wore Arab garb and carried a large 'zulu-like' shield.


Green stuff and Alioop said...

Lovely work.
Makes me want to play a game.

Guido said...


Hey, are you from Architects of War, then?

I just bought some of your chickens. :)

Boggler said...

Lovely work.

I particularly like the stripey turban...very well executed.

Scott said...

Very nice, what make are the slaves? I could use some for my pirate gaming too.

Guido said...

The slaves are from the Aussie outfit Eureka Miniatures, Scott.

Crazy Joe said...

Inspirational and VERY nice!


Phil said...

Fantastic work! Pictures are impressive, and your figures wonderful! I'll come back...