Saturday, June 10, 2006

For the Benefit of Rattlehead

With regard to the new X-Men picture: The bit that you missed by hurrying out of the cinema as soon as the credits rolled is:

Captain Picard ain't dead!!!!

Urrr, I mean Professor Charles Xavier. He somehow transferred his consciousness to that mutant body with no mind in the Scottish scientist woman's hospital that was casually thrown out as a bit of blatant exposition earlier in the film. You just knew it wasn't there for nothing!

Above we have a picture of the sexy Latina baddy lady what fights with Storm that I referred to in my TMP post. Can't have a new entry without a pic, and much as I like Patrick Stewart, she beats him into a cocked hat in the eye-candy stakes any day of the week.

Also, it was nice to see a hairy blue Frasier in a superhero action picture. I just wish they'd had a hairy blue Niles to keep him company. That would have been just Jim-Dandy, like when they had David Hyde Pierce play Sideshow Bob's brother in The Simpsons.

Capital knockers, ma'am!

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