Friday, January 05, 2007

Biggles in Africa

I've already posted these pics on Lead Adventure, but I suppose it doesn't hurt to have them here, too. Finished my DH2 before Christmas. Hopefully it will see service in our Fictional "Pulp-ish" East Africa occasional campaign. Historical accuracy is of no concern, I like the DH2 because it looks rickety and primitive, pusher-props are adorable for that. So very "Stop the Pigeon."

It's a 1/48th scale SMER DH2, ridiculously-priced at £3.99.

Pretty pleased with how she turned out all in all. Especially seeing as I ain't much of a modeller.

Painting and playing is more my thing. Not mucking around getting covered in superglue and little bits of plastic. These SMER kits are great for wargamers, though. A minimum of fussy detail. Just the basics, so easy to put together.

Making another sweep of the lake, Biggles finally spotted her. There she was: The Prinzessin Charlotte in all her terrible splendour.

After weeks of fruitless searching, Biggles finally spotted one of the wily Von Hanneken's elusive columns.

Outraged by Bill's ridiculous new names for the Great War boards, Biggles emptied the magazine of his Lewis Gun into TMP before turning and heading for home...

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tim said...

yeah, the new names on the TMP great war boards kind of do suck....

Nice looking plane!