Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Kaiser's Elephants

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One of these days I'll find out how to have a wider space for pics on Blogger. I've seen other people do it. Sorry the captions aren't really readable until you click on them. Grrr....

The rules we used were Björn and Chris' internationally famous set, Triumph and Tragedy. Well, kind of. We messed around with it a bit to suit our purposes.

We played a co-operative game with Sickers doing his best Roger Moore as Bassy and myself in the Lee Marvin role of Flynn.

Sprinkled across the playing area were encounter markers, randomly placed using the "over the shoulder toss" method. The markers took the form of little piles of poo. Each encounter was drawn from a deck at random, and there were some dummies.

To run the enemies and animals we had a deck of stat cards as in normal T&T, but we blindly shuffled them every turn so we would not know in what order the forces opposing us would act. We concocted a set of programmed rules for the creatures and German policemen, largely inspired by the rules for controlling dinosaurs in the game Saurian Safari. Occasionally when circumstances we hadn't anticipated came up we would intervene with a bit of common sense, present the Germans with a list of tactical options, and let the dice decide which they would perform.

Casualty list:
Flynn O' Flynn, gored and trampled by an elephant. Survived, just.
1 elephant, killed by Flynn's boys and Bassy.
6 of Flynn's boys, killed by Plough the Earth.
1 askari of the Polizeitruppe, shot dead by Flynn's boys.
Bassy, captured by the Polizeitruppe.

The legend of Plough the Earth grows...

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