Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Couple of Side Projects

Finished two lots of figures today, both from distracting side-projects. I am always getting turned away from my main course (Darkest Africa), and this is no exception. I really wish I could prevent this from happening but I seem to be powerless against it. I find myself tempted by the thought that it is "just a few figures" and will be done in no time, and that is why I have a kazillion unfinished projects. I need to be more disciplined, but if you know me you'd know that idea is a right laugh.

Both are destined for African gaming, but about eighty years apart. First of all we have a few fellows from the 72nd Foot, circa 1835. They will be part of a "small" skirmish project loosely based on events in the H. Rider Haggard novel "Marie", in which a young Allan Quatermain must defend the love of his life from a band of vengeful Xhosa.

The figures are Perry Carlist War Brits, which aren't quite right (but near enough) for the 72nd Foot in the 6th Cape Frontier War. I found them enjoyable yet quite difficult to paint. I don't know how those Napoleonic bods put up with figure after figure like this. These guys' uniforms are nowhere near as complicated as most Napoleonic figures, but I still found them quite challenging. And those diced bands drove me up the bloody wall. I suppose it's just that I'm not used to painting this type of thing.

Next up will be the Xhosa band, then Quatermain, Marie Marais and various servants and hangers-on.

The second is a little experiment: A soldier from Gold Coast Regiment during the Great War. Having done one test figure I'm reasonably pleased with how he turned out, so I think I will do a whole unit when I can find the time.


Boggler said...

Those are very nicely done.

I really should get my DA leadpile dusted off and steal myself to paint up 200 tribal warriors...

Inspirational stuff!

Lasgunpacker said...

Nice looking figures, and might I say, it is great to see you back posting again.