Monday, June 23, 2014

Entries from the Colonial Painting Expedition

Over on the Lead Adventure Forum we're currently running one of our 'painting clubs' where everybody paints single figures or small groups based on a particular board's theme until we get to a total of one hundred entries. This time it's the turn of the Colonial Adventures board, which is the board I've been put in charge of. Thought I might as well post a couple of my own entries here on the blog.

The Zulu

Induna, uDloko ibutho, the fight at Jim's House, January 1879.
(Wargames Foundry)

 The Balochi

 Sepoy, 27th Bombay Native Infantry (1st Belooch Regt.), Abyssinia, 1868.
(Mutineer Miniatures/Wargames Foundry conversion)

The Askari

 Sudanese Askari, Uganda Rifles, mid 1890s.
 (Wargames Foundry minor conversion)

Quatermain vs. Cetshwayo

Allan Quatermain, at the Battle of 'Ndondakasuka, Zululand, 1856.
(Perry Miniatures conversion)

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