Tuesday, June 12, 2007

And Then Home...

On our way home through the Ardennes. We spotted hundreds of these things.

They appear to be landing pylons for some new kind of massive pusher-prop aircraft.

Maybe it's EasyJet's new 'Green' airliner?

Just kidding! When I showed Sickly these badly-photoshopped pics he believed me when I said they were flying machines. What a twit! Still, they would be cool for some kind of science-fantasy game universe. One set on a planet of air, with flying islands of land. There was a Saturday morning cartoon a while back with such a setting. Really striking visual style it had. Can't remember what it was called, though. Oh well...

They seem to be going for Wind Farms in a big way on the continent. We've quite a few in Wales, but they seem to be everywhere in France and Germany.

Back at the coast. A memorial to British and French Commandos killed in a raid in 1943, near Gravelines.

The entrance to Gravelines, which is surrounded by Vauban fortifications.

The whole of the town's defences seem to be intact. You can traverse them Freddie Flintoff-style by drunken pedalo, or rowing boat, or even motor launch. But we didn't, as the hut was closed.

A statue of a bull. The bull is the symbol of my home town, so I approve.

A naked Frenchwoman, pondering the recent spate of swimming costume thefts in the Gravelines area.

The Gravelines Women's Institute, convening an emergency meeting to discuss the Bikini Thief crisis.

And after all the nuddy women, a fella in the nod, so the ladies don't feel left out.

The boat home.

Hey, it's me! I have absolutely no clue as to why I am striking that stupid pose, or pulling that daft face. Even though it was early morning, there is a chance that I was drunk.

Bye bye, France! See you next time!

Ah, a bit in the middle of the Channel where you can see both France and England at the same time.

Well, actually you can't unless you've got eyes on the side of your head like some kind of fish. But if you turn your head quickly you nearly can.

Lucky dogs, on their way to France instead of coming home. Looks like they're going to have nice weather too, the swine!


"Dalek on Board."
And finally, the green hills of home.

The End.


Well not quite. Here is a selection of postcards. Once again, if you know me, and I wasn't a lazy oaf, you would have got one of these. Just pick your favourite and imagine that I wrote something stupid on the back (not hard to do, really). Or if you're rich I probably asked you to send money.


Poruchik said...

Well Done!

The check is in the mail!


Guido said...

Hello there, Donald. How nice to see you again. Really ought to get a bar put in so you can have a drink or two each time you visit.