Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ils Ne Passeront Pas!

The memorial at the Tranchée des Baïonnettes.

It is built over a trench from the 1916 battle. The remnants of the 3rd Company of the 137th Infantry regiment had vanished after taking heavy artillery fire. Only after the war was their fate discovered. Their trench had been totally filled in. Only the bayonets of their rifles protruded above the soil. They had been buried where they stood. It was decided to leave them where they were and build a memorial over them.


Fort Douaumont. The forts of Verdun have always held a fascination for my brother and me, after reading about them in the war comic strip "Charley's War" as little kids. He was dead jealous when he found out I had been there. Vaux was the one in the comic, but we didn't have time to go there.

View of the surrounding countryside, from the roof of Douaumont.

Some of the surviving turrets:

My friend Ivor was looking at his watch and tutting by this point, so we didn't go inside the fort.

A Jerry Minenwerfer. I have several of these in 25mm, courtesy of Foundry. Bought them on a whim, and will probably never use them in a game.


Would have liked to spend much longer here, but I'm glad I got the chance to linger even for a short time.

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